Monitor UNBK, Gus Ipul Visit Memorial High School

Posted on 12 Apr 2017
National Examination simultaneously running on 10 April 2017 The high school / MA throughout Indonesia, not least in Malang. This year, the entire SMA / MA in apple town entirely implement


Posted on 30 Sea 2017
National exams already had its day. Lots of efforts have been made by all parties, from the Department of Education, school, as well as other agencies. From start to Try Out 1, T

Simply push the pocket MESSAGE SMARTPHONE

Posted on 22 Sea 2017
Inauguration of E-Cafe Bhawikarsu been running for almost half of the semester. Many of those who responded positively to the new buzz. Radar Malang, as one of the largest mass media d

Bhawikarsu Takeout OIC

Posted on 03 Dec 2016
Tim SMA 3 Malang (SMANTI) returned to their beloved city by bringing a pride. Already, appear extraordinary in Indonesia Olympics Smart (OIC) yan national level

9 School of Malang China Visit, Mayor Anton Promote Beauty Malang

Posted on 03 Dec 2016
name SMAN 3 Malang as a favorite school, apparently heard far up to China. Thursday (1/12/2016) There are nine universities at once from China to socialize

Singapore students at home Learning Together Students SMAN 3

Posted on 25 Nov 2016
As much as 10 students from River Valley High School (SMA River Valley) Singapore seems so engrossed to follow a series of student exchange activities located in SMAN 3 She has a cat

8 Fulfilled standards, So amanti School Reference

Posted on 22 Nov 2016
Sunday, 20 November 2016, SMANTI Bhawikarsu hold one of the agendas that are part of the program Reference Schools. Held in conjunction with the activities of joint exercises in Car F

Bedhol Bhawikarsu 2016: Millions of Smiles Happiness

Posted on 03 Nov 2016
Bedhol, one event that is very typical of SMAN 3 Malang, aims to develop and apply directly manners attitude possessed by students. On