Bhawikarsu E-Cafe Akan Segera Hadir!

Senin, 10 Oktober 2016, merupakan hari dimana sosialisasi E-Cafe milik warga Bhawikarsu diselenggarakan. Dilakukan bersamaan dengan diadakannya sosialisasi dari BRI, acara tersebut dihadiri oleh seluruh warga SMANTI, termasuk didalamnya adalah Bapak/ Ibu Guru beserta Karyawan dan para siswa. Secara keseluruhan, siswa sangat antusias mengikuti acara yang dilakukan di Aula Tugu tersebut. Hal itu dibuktikan dengan banyaknya lontaran pertanyaan dari siswa mengenai hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan E-Cafe. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang muncul mencakup masalah pembayaran, pengisian saldo, pemesanan menu makanan/ minuman, dan ada tidaknya pajak yang dimasukkan kedalam tarif harga dari masing-masing menu.

Diharapkan dengan adanya sosialisasi ini, warga Bhawikarsu semakin siap dalam menyongsong waktu launching E- Cafe. Selain itu, pengenalan kepada aplikasi android yang digunakan untuk pemesanan menu malanan/minuman juga dilakukan. Aplikasi versi beta untuk E-Cafe sendiri sudah diunggah beberapa minggu lalu. Namun, para pengguna diharapkan tetap menunggu versi resmi dari aplikasi Android tersebut.

ikijosSituasi dipenuhinya Tugu Aula oleh siswa SMANTI

  1. Alifiandi Rafi Muhammad Balas
    MY COMMENT By this text I want to comment about E-Cafe Bhawikarsu. We see some advantages. First, the air pollution in Smanti is reduced, so that condition makes the environtment better. Then, the food and drink have served fast, so the consumers don't have to wait too long. But, there are some disadvantages. The cafe provides cool boxed rice and icy beverages. Because this cafe, our beloved Mr. Pit will be relocated further than before from Smanti. We respect that E-Cafe should serves warm rice and adds the hot drinks in the menu.
  2. Fany Saskia Widaningsih Balas
    Complaining The Newest Canteen The new e-cafe bhawikarsu prove to be an amazing canteen but such as other canteen, this canteen has several minus point. First, the canteen said to use an online system for ordering but after a couple weeks, the system is still going through some problems like the server dying till the unresponding application. Second, the amount of electrical output from this e-cafe makes the school pays much more for the electrical field. That is shown from the usage of lamp at the e-cafe, school chooses to use several or maybe many lamps to light up the canteen. Apparently, the canteen doesnt need that many lights. The location itself is semi-outdoor. Next, not all menu is in the application. In the canteen there're some foods that are sold directly without pre ordering from the application. This makes a nonexistance queue alas crowds. Crowds will give impact at the tidiness. All of those facts prove that bhawikarsu's newest canteen still needs a lot of fixing.
  3. Khairunnisa Balas
    I suggest that one thousand and five hundred rupiahs for the refund should be much more. why? because the staff usuallly sent the students to write in a paper for the refund, but at the next day when you are going to take the refund there's still no money, and the next day goes the same until you really forgot otherwise the paper's gone. So, in this side students are harmed. The second one is, the e cafe should be kept clean all the time. You know, sometimes there's footprints everywhere and drinks spilling out on the floor it's just disgusting and unwell seen. But the students should be more carefull also! Next is that the table and the chair should be increased. I always came late and saw that all of them are full already. Good idea if you always want to eat in the classroom. The last, i think there's should be free water for everyone to consume. For students who had no money they can get free water instead of having their friends mineral water. Besides, if your mineral water is empty you can refill it.
  4. Brihaspati Balas
    My comment for this new program that is very useful and beneficial for the schools. One thing that can be measured is the canteen atmosphere before and after using this program. If previously we know that during break time rang, the students will be joined into the canteen and queue with a crowd and density. But now, the students no longer spend they break time just for standing and waiting in line in the canteen. It also indicates that students have easier access to the canteen at the school, as well as board canteen easier to take care of it. However, there are some things that may need a little attention. I observed that the students who come to the E-Café tend to be crowded and a bit of "stacking" in certain areas. This may be based on the placement of foods "on the spot". Positioning "OTS" foods from circular mode to elongated may be able to reduce the problem.
  5. Patricia Abigail Wijaya Balas
    I think E-Cafe is a good cafetaria and I have a few good reasons to explain why. E-Cafe was only opened recently in early 2017 and is the only cafe that uses atm card to pay. It has various types of meals and snacks. All of them looks delicous and the price is quite cheap. Despite it's low prices, the foods there looks hygenic and there are teachers to keep watch on the foods that can be sold in the E-Cafe so there's no need to worry. There was quite an issue with the old cafetaria where there was a lack of table and chairs but now that it has became the E-Cafe, the place is spacious with some more table and chairs so more students could enjoy their foods in the E-Cafe.
  6. Cininta Melati Ayunina Balas
    Through this, I would like to inform you about the inconvenience faced by the students because of the limited space in e-café counter. E-café has a spacious area for students to eat, and also good tables and benches. However, there is only one counter/cashier to serve a lot of customers, especially when the recess comes. Customers jostle and find it hard to look around the foods. It would be better if customers can choose the foods and drinks comfortably, even less e-café is a new interesting innovation and ought to be improved. It would be great if you could look into the matter and take suitable action as early as possible.

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