Testimoni dari Siswa Singapura tentang Program Exchange bersama SMA Negeri 3 Malang

Learning Points from SMAN 3 Malang


From the exchange we had with SMAN3 students, we were truly amazed by their hospitality, willingness to learn, adaptability and team dynamics.

Firstly, when we entered the school, the students were lined up in rows by the entrance and they did a cheer to welcome us. They were energetic and genuine with the cheers, which can be seen from the smiles on their faces. During the opening ceremony, the school’s choir team even sang our national anthem, which absolutely amazed us. We were then split into 4 groups, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Venus. Students of SMAN3 always encouraged us to be involved in all the games and putting our need before theirs. Another example would be when it rains, students formed a line along the stairs to shelter us from the downpour. They looked out for our wellbeing and this kind gesture really touched us. The warm atmosphere made us felt welcomed and at home. We should learn to place others need before ours as many time, we are more concern about ourselves rather than the people.  Thus, quality hospitality is something we felt in every SMAN3 student.

Secondly, throughout the trip, students of SMAN3 made use of any free time we have, such as mealtime and bus time, to raise questions to us. They were very curious to find out about lives in Singapore and in school. They were very attentive and drew comparisons with the situation in Malang. Some even asked questions about the political and socio-economic issues, which were way beyond our expectations of them. This showed their eagerness to learn and thirst for knowledge.

Thirdly, we found out that some students participated in YLEAD 2017. They were able to apply what they learnt and experience from YLEAD to Gen Y. For example, the 30min challenge we had at Coban Rondo is a simplified version of YLEAD’s 15 Hour Challenge. Thus, this shows that they were able to adapt and implement with resources they have.

Lastly, we realised that students of SMAN3 are very bonded. Despite not knowing other local participants, they bonded well with each other and with us. Everyone had a positive vibe, which created a warm atmosphere. An example would be everyone contributing ideas and cheered their lungs out for the jingle. Thus, team dynamics is very important to build good relations with people.

In conclusion, we have benefited tremendously from this exchange and are very thankful for this opportunity.


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